Exercises – The Fundamental Building Block of a Great Workout App

Every single workout is defined by the exercises you perform. A workout app, my first big project as a Jacked Developer, deserves the best exercise experience possible. But what makes an app’s exercises the best experience? Here are few things I believe are absolutely necessary.


The same exercise may have 10 different names but the most important part is that the app displays it with the name you know. The only way to achieve that is to give the user full control of their exercise library. They need to be able to add/edit/delete any exercises as they see fit. But what about comparing your exercise stats with other users? More on that later.


Finding the exact exercise should be stupid easy. Most of the time a user is looking for an exercise, it is during a workout. Chalk on your hands and sweat in your eyes is not the time to make using the app difficult. The app should quickly identify your recent exercises, popular exercises and maybe even some suggested exercises.


Every exercise should be related to similar exercises. Why? Well if you are like me and spend most of your time at a Gen-Pop gym, the dumbbells may be permanently commandeered by an old man super-setting six different exercises you have never seen. You’ll have to adjust and do an alternative exercise. You could also be injured and want to do something similar with less pain.